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Who was Dietrich Brandis? Explain any four of his ideas for the Management of Forests in India during British Period.



Answer to be written in the exam:

Dietrich Brandis was a German Expert in Forestry who was made the First Inspector General of  Forests in India

Dietrich’s four Ideas for the Management of  Forests in India were: 

  1. Brandis realized that a proper system had to be introduced which would need legal sanction.   Rules about the use of forest resources had to be framed.

  2. The felling of trees and grazing had to be restricted for the preservation of forests for the cause of timber production. Anybody who cut trees without following the system would be punished.

  3. For this purpose, Brandis set up the Indian Forest  Service in 1864 and assisted in formulating the  Indian Forest Act of 1865.

  4. In 1906, the Imperial Forest Institute was set up in Dehradun and it taught the system called  “Scientific Forestry”.

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