Match the following :



(a) Scientific forestry

(i) A form of agriculture in which patches of land are cleared by cutting and burning of vegetation, and crops are grown for a few years until the soil becomes poor

(b) Shifting cultivation

(ii) A popular movement that began in 1973 in the Garhwal Himalayas, where women hugged trees to prevent them from being cut by contractors

(c) Van Mahotsav

(iii) A community in Rajasthan that follows the teachings of Guru Jambheshwar, who laid down 29 principles for living, including the protection of trees and wildlife

(d) Chipko movement

(iv) A system of forest management that aimed to increase the production of timber by cutting old trees and planting new ones in straight rows

(e) Bishnois

(v) A festival of tree planting that was started in 1950 by K.M. Munshi, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food


A. (a)-(iv); (b)-(i); (c)-(v); (d)-(ii); (e)-(iii)
B. (a)-(iii); (b)-(v); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i); (e)-(ii)
C. (a)-(i); (b)-(iv); (c)-(v); (d)-(iii); (e)-(ii)
D. (a)-(iii); (b)-(iv); (c)-(ii); (d)-(i); (e)-(v)

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