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The dry barren landscape of the mountainous carpets. desert of Ladakh - Teachoo.png

  • Location and Geography : Ladakh is a desert in the mountains in the east of Jammu and Kashmir. It has very little agriculture because it gets no rain and is covered in snow for most of the year. It has very few trees that can grow here. People rely on melting snow for drinking water in summer.
  • Livestock and Wool : People here keep sheep and goats , especially the ones that produce pashmina wool , which is very valuable and used to make pashmina shawls in Kashmir. People also own goats , cows and dzos (yak-cows) for milk and meat.
  • Food and Diet : People eat meat and milk products like cheese and butter, which are suitable for the cold climate. They also eat some grains like barley that can grow in the region.
  • History and Trade : Ladakh was a good trade route as it had many passes that connected it to Tibet. Caravans of traders travelled through these passes carrying goods like textiles, spices, raw silk and carpets.
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