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Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 6 Political Science - Unity in Diversity

Life of Muslims is described in the travelogue written by _____ .

A. Ibn Khaldun

B. Ibn Battuta 

C. Ibn Arabi 

D. Ibn Fadlan 



Answer by Student

The correct answer is option (B): Ibn Battuta


Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

Ibn Khaldun  - Teachoo.png

  • He was an Arab scholar and explorer who traveled extensively in the Muslim world and beyond, and wrote his famous travelogue, The Rihla. 

  • He visited India in the 14th century and stayed there for several years, serving as a judge and a diplomat under the Delhi Sultanate. 

  • He wrote about the political, social, cultural and religious aspects of life in India , as well as his personal experiences and observations. 

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