Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 6 Political Science - Unity in Diversity

Kerala and Ladakh were influenced by ____ and ____ traders.

A. Russian; French

B. Arab; Chinese

C. British; Roman

D. Arab; British 



Answer by Student

The correct answer is option (B): Arab; Chinese


Detailed Explanation by Teachoo
Trading items in kerala AND Ladakh  - Teachoo.png

  Kerala and Ladakh are two places in India that are very different from each other. But they have one thing in common. They were both visited by traders from China and Arab countries long ago.

  • These traders came to Kerala for spices , like pepper and cardamom, that grow well there. They came to Ladakh for wool , which comes from a special goat that lives in the mountains.

  • These traders also brought many things with them, like new plants , buildings , languages , stories , songs and dances .

  • So, Kerala and Ladakh were both influenced by Chinese and Arab traders in many ways. These traders also got influenced by Kerala and Ladakh. This shows how people can share their culture and knowledge with each other when they trade
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