Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 6 Political Science - Unity in Diversity

The differences in our culture spoil our lives.



Answer by Student

The given statement is false

The correct statement is: The differences in our culture enrich our lives.


Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

  • The differences in our culture refer to the variety and diversity of people, languages, religions, cuisines, arts, etc. that exist in a region or a country.

  • These differences do not spoil our lives, but rather enrich them . They help us to understand and respect different perspectives, values, and traditions. They also make our lives more interesting, colorful, and enjoyable.

  • For example, India is a country with a rich and diverse culture . We can learn from the wisdom and practices of different religions and philosophies. We can enjoy the beauty and creativity of different art forms and music styles. We can taste the flavors and spices of different cuisines and dishes. We can celebrate the festivals and occasions of different communities and regions.

  • Thus, They enrich our lives by making us more open-minded, tolerant, and appreciative of diversity.
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