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  • Kerala’s geographical location and features made it a desirable destination for trade and commerce , which in turn brought different historical influences from various regions and countries.
  • Location and Geography : Kerala is a state in the south-west corner of India. It is bordered by the sea on one side and hills on the other. It grows a number of spices like pepper, cloves and cardamoms on the hills.
  • History and Trade : Kerala was an attractive place for traders because of its spices. The first traders to come here were Jewish and Arab traders. St. Thomas, the Apostle of Christ, also came here and brought Christianity to India. Later, the Portuguese discovered the sea route to India and landed here with Vasco da Gama.
  • Religion and Culture : Kerala has a diverse population that practises different religions such as Judaism , Islam , Christianity , Hinduism and Buddhism . It also has some cultural influences from China , such as the fishing nets called cheena-vala and the frying utensil called cheenachatti .
  • Food and Agriculture : Kerala has a fertile land and climate that are suitable for growing rice , which is the staple food of most people here. They also eat fish and vegetables , which are available in abundance.

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