Celestial bodies. Objects we observe in the sky are called heavenly bodies or celestial bodies.

It is a huge system of billions of stars, dust, and gases. There are millions of galaxies in the universe. 

Light year

It is the distance that light travels in one year.


A huge body is made up of hot gases and have their own heat  and light.


Small, solid, planet-like objects that move around the sun also known as planetoids or minor planets.


These are small pieces of rocks that move around the sun.


When meteoroids come near the earth, they burn up due to friction with the air and create a flash of light. These are called meteors or shooting stars.


When a meteor falls on the earth without being completely burnt and creates a hollow. These are called meteorites.


These are lumps of snow and rocky dust that orbit the sun.


These are groups of bright stars in the sky that form different shapes

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