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  • A satellite is a celestial body that moves around the planets in the same way as the planets move around the sun.
  • There are two different types of satellites – natural and man-made .
    • Natural satellites are objects that exist in nature, such as the Moon, which orbits the Earth, or the Earth, which orbits the Sun. There are more than 100 natural satellites in the solar system.
    • A human-made satellite is an artificial body designed by scientists to gather information about the universe or for communication. It is carried by a rocket and placed in the orbit around the Earth. 
  • Some of the Indian satellites in space are INSAT, IRS, EDUSAT, etc. 
  • The moon was the only known satellite in the solar system until 1610.
  • Mercury and Venus are the only planets that do not have any known satellites.
  • The satellites move around the planets from west to east.
  • The satellites do not have their own light, they reflect the light of the sun.
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