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  • Earth : the third planet from the sun, the fifth largest in the solar system, the largest among the inner planets. 
  • Earth is unique and home to life because of:
    • Best location with reference to the sun, not too hot or cold.
    • Favourable environmental conditions for the origin and survival of life forms.
    • Rotation on its axis keeps the temperature difference between day and night tolerable.
    • Favorable temperature for the existence of life, water can be in three forms: ice, water and vapor.
    • Adequate water in oceans is ideal for the origin and evolution of life.
    • The presence of the atmosphere protects from harmful ultraviolet radiations and has oxygen-rich air for living beings.
  • The symbol of the earth is a circle with two perpendicular lines which represent the intersection of the equator and the Prime Merdian
  • Earth looks blue from space due to water, called the watery planet or the blue planet.
  • Earth was thought to be flat in ancient times, Aristotle and Copernicus declared it spherical.
  • Earth is not a perfect sphere, slightly flattened at the poles and bulging at the equator. That is why, its shape is described as a Geoid.
  • The light of the sun takes about eight minutes to reach the Earth.

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