Chapter 1 Class 6 Geography - The Earth and the Solar System

The temperature at the surface of the sun is about _______________

  1. 1, 50,00,000 ℃
  2. 6,000℃
  3. 3,000℃
  4. - 180℃


Answer by Student

The correct option is (B): 6,000℃

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

The Sun is a huge ball of hot gas that gives us light and heat. The Sun has different parts, and each part has a different temperature. The other options are wrong for the following reasons:

  • 1, 50,00,000 ℃
    • This is the temperature in the centre of the Sun, where a special change happens. The change is when tiny bits of gas called hydrogen join together to make bigger bits of gas called helium. This change makes a lot of heat and light. This heat and light make the Sun very hot and bright. This option is incorrect.❌
  • 6,000℃
    • This is the temperature at the surface of the Sun , which we can see from Earth. It looks like a yellow circle in the sky. The outside of the Sun has dark spots called sunspots, which are cooler places where there are strong forces. This option is correct.✅
  • 3,000℃
    • This is the temperature at the top of the air around the Sun, which we can’t see from Earth. It is usually hidden, but we can see it when the Moon covers the Sun and makes it dark. Then we can see a red ring around the Sun. The air around the Sun has streams of gas that go up from the outside of the Sun. This option is incorrect.❌
  • - 170℃
    • This is not a temperature related to the Sun but to Mercury. It is the closest to the sun. There is a great difference between the day temperature of 400℃ and the night temperature is about -170℃. This option is incorrect. ❌
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