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Chapter 2 Class 9 Geography - Physical Features of India

Which three river systems form the Northern  Plains? Explain the diverse relief features of the  Northern Plains.

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The northern plains have been formed by the interplay of the 3 major river systems, namely- Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra along with their tributaries.

Diverse relief features of the Northern Plains are  as follows: 


The rivers, after descending from mountains, deposit pebbles in a narrow belt of about 8 to 16km in width lying parallel to slopes of the shiwaliks. It is called Bhabar.


To the south of this belt, streams and rivers re emerge and create a wet, swampy and marshy region called Terai . This was a thickly forested region full of wildlife.


Largest part of the northern plain is formed of older alluvium. It lies above the floodplains of rivers and presents a terrace like feature. This is called Bhangar. The soil in this region contains calcareous deposits, locally known as Kankar.


The newer, younger deposits of floodplains are called Khadar . They are renewed almost every year and are fertile, thus, ideal for intensive agriculture.


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