Chapter 2 Class 9 Geography - Physical Features of India

Name the major physiographic divisions of India and describe any two points of significance of the  Himalayas and the Northern Plains each.

Answer :

Answer to be written in exam :

  • Himalayan Mountains
  • Northern Plains
  • Peninsular Plateau
  • Indian Desert
  • Coastal Plains
  • Islands

Physical features of india - Teachoo.png

Significance of Himalayas :

  1. The Himalayas are the major source of water and  forest wealth. 
  2.  They have beautiful valleys which have become  star attraction of tourism, thereby, increasing the  foreign exchange reserves.

  Significance of Northern Plains:  

  1.  With a rich soil cover combined with adequate water  supply and favourable climate, it is agriculturally a  very productive part of India. 
  2.   The soil in this region contains calcareous deposits   locally known as ‘Kankar’ . The newer deposits of the  flood plains are called ‘Khadar’. They are renewed  almost every year due to which they are fertile.   Thus, these are ideal for intensive agriculture.  


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