Question 6.1

Write a few lines to show what you know about kulaks.


Answer to be written

  1. It’s a Russian word for well-to-do peasants who, according to Stalin were holding stocks of grains in the hope of higher prices.
  2. In 1928 , Party members toured the grain-producing areas , supervising enforced grain collections , and raiding ‘kulaks’.
  3. To develop modern farms , and run them along industrial lines with machinery , it was necessary to ‘eliminate kulaks’ , take away land from peasants , and establish state-controlled large farms .
  4. What followed was Stalin’s collectivisation programme .

Question 6.2

Write a few lines to show what you know about the Duma


Answer to be written

  • During the 1905 Revolution , the Tsar allowed the creation of an elected consultative Parliament or Duma .
  • The first Duma was dismissed by The Tsar within 75 days and the second Duma was re-elected within three months .
  • Tsar did not want any questioning of his authority or any reduction in his power.  
  • He changed the voting laws and packed the third Duma with conservative politicians .

Question 6.3

Write a few lines to show what you know about the women workers between 1900 and 1930 

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