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In what ways was the working population in Russia different from other countries in Europe, before 1917?


Points to remember

  • The workers in Europe were united but in the Russian empire, workers were divided into social groups. Workers in England and Germany formed an association to fight for better living and working conditions.
  • In Russia too , some workers formed associations to help their members in times of financial hardships but these associations were few.
  • Workers in Russia were divided by skill . Metal workers considered themselves aristocrats among other workers.
  • Division among workers were shown in their dress and manners too.
  • Workers did strike , despite divisions , when they disagreed with employers' dismissals or conditions of employment .

Answer to be written

  • Workers in Russia before 1917 were divided into social groups unlike in Europe where workers were more united. Like in England and Germany , to fight for better living and working conditions , workers began forming associations .
  • Some workers, in Russia, formed associations to help members in times of unemployment or financial hardship but such associations were few.
  • Unlike in Europe, workers in Russia were divided by skill . ‘Metalworkers considered themselves aristocrats among other workers since their occupation demanded more skill and training.
  • Divisions among workers showed themselves in dress and manners too
  • Despite divisions, workers did unite to strike work ( stop work ) when they disagreed with employers about dismissals or work conditions.

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