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Match the following:

Column I

Column II

1. 25th February

I. Formation of Russian Social Democratic Labour Party

2. A mass of peaceful workers was fired upon by the Russian troops

II. Did not enjoy any political rights

3.Provisional Government

III. Duma Suspended


IV. Seized buildings of Bolshevik newspapers


V. Bloody Sunday


  1. (a)-III, (b)-V, (c)-IV, (d)-I, (e)-II
  2. (a)-IV, (b)-II, (c)-I, (d)-III, (e)-V
  3. (a)-I, (b)-V, (c)-III, (d)-IV, (e)-II
  4. (a)-II, (b)-IV, (c)-III, (d)-I, (e)-V


So the correct option is A - (a)-III, (b)-V, (c)-IV, (d)-I, (e)-II


  • Point a - On 25th February 1917, the government suspended the Duma due to the demonstrations and strike. So it matches with statement III .
  • Point b - Mass of peaceful workers were fired upon by the Russian troops matched bloody Sunday because when the procession of workers led by Father Gapon reached the Winter Palace it was attacked by the police and the Cossacks. Over 100 workers were killed and about 300 wounded. The incident, known as Bloody Sunday. So, it matches statement V.
  • Point c - Provisional Government matched seized buildings of Bolshevik newspapers because during the October revolution military men loyal to the government seized the buildings of two Bolshevik newspapers. So it matches statement IV.
  • Point d - In 1898, the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party was formed. So it matches statement I.
  • Point e - Peasants, in the Russian empire, do not have any political rights. So it matches statement II.

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