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  • In this chapter, we first read about what happened in Europe after the French Revolution and how it affected our world .
  • We also understood how liberals, radicals and conservatives were having different ideologies.
  • Then the industrial conditions were really poor but after the revolution workers started demanding their rights and social change .
  • After that, we studied how socialism spread across Europe and the support that it got.
  • Then we studied the Russian Revolution and the Russian Empire , its society and economics and how it was different from the French Revolution .
  • The spread of Socialism in Russia and the 1905 Revolution .
  • Then the first world war and its effects on the Russian economy and society ,
  • How the February revolution in Petrograd started and what happened after that.
  • Then the October revolution of 1917 and what changed after October .
  • The start of the civil war led to the making of a socialist society and Stalinism and collectivism .
  • At last, we looked at the Global Influence of the Russian Revolution and the USSR.

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