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  • Bolsheviks' takeover and consolidation of power were not entirely approved by existing socialist parties in Europe
  • However, the possibility of a workers’ state fired people’s imagination across the world .
  • Communist parties like the Communist Party of Great Britain were formed in many other countries too.
  • The Bolsheviks encouraged colonial peoples to follow their experiment
  • The Conference of the Peoples of the East ( 1920 ) and the Comintern , which was created by the Bolsheviks , both attracted a large number of non-Russians from outside the USSR (an international union of pro-Bolshevik socialist parties ).
  • Some students attended the Communist University of the Workers of the East in the USSR .
  • The USSR had given socialism a global face and a global stature by the time the Second World War started .
  • Yet by the 1950s it was acknowledged within the country that the style of government in the USSR was not keeping with the ideals of the Russian Revolution
  • The Soviet Union's problems were acknowledged by the global socialist movement as well.
  • A backward country had become a great power
  • The country's businesses and agriculture had advanced , and the hungry were nourished .
  • However, it had deprived its inhabitants of fundamental liberties and carried out its development ambitions through draconian laws .
  • Though it was acknowledged that socialist ideas continued to be respected among its citizens , the USSR's reputation as a socialist nation had diminished by the turn of the 20th century .
  • But in each country, the ideas of socialism were rethought in a variety of different ways.

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