Fun Fact:

  • Russia followed the Julian calendar until 1 February 1918
  • The country then changed to the Gregorian calendar , which is followed everywhere today. The Gregorian dates are 13 days ahead of the Julian dates
  • So by our calendar, the ‘February’ Revolution took place on 12th March and the ‘October’ Revolution took place on 7th November.


  • Marseillaise ’, a war song was written.


  • Giuseppe Mazzini , an Italian nationalist , conspired with others to convert Italy into a nation where all citizens will be equal .

1850s -1880s

  • Debates over socialism in Russia


  • Paris Commune


  • Strikes in textile industries


  • Formation of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party


  • Formation of Socialist Revolutionary Party


  • Strikes in the metal industry.


  • The Bloody Sunday and the Revolution of 1905 .
  • Socialists and trade unionists formed a Labour Party in Britain and a Socialist Party in France .


  • war broke out between two European alliances Germany , Austria and Turkey ( the Central powers ) and France , Britain and Russia (later Italy and Romania ).


22 February 1917

  • a lockout took place at a factory on the right bank.

25 February 1917

  • the government suspended the Duma

26 February 1917

  • Demonstrators returned in force to the streets of the left bank of river Neva.

27 February 1917

  • the Police Headquarters were ransacked .

2nd March 1917

  • Abdication of the Tsar .

April 1917

  • the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from his exile

July 1917

  • demonstrations staged by the Bolsheviks were sternly repressed

16th October 1917

  • Lenin persuaded the Petrograd Soviet and the Bolshevik Party to agree to a socialist seizure of power

24th October 1917

  • Bolshevik uprising in Petrograd .

November 1917

  • Most industries and banks were nationalised.


  • The Civil War


  • the Assembly rejected Bolshevik measures and Lenin dismissed the Assembly .


  • clothing competition was organised to change the uniform of the army when the Soviet hat (budeonovka) was chosen.


  • despite opposition from their political allies , the Bolsheviks made peace with Germany at Brest Litovsk


  • Formation of Comintern


  • Bolshevik party members toured the grain-producing areas , supervising enforced grain collections , and raiding kulaks – the name for well-to-do peasants


  • Beginning of Collectivisation .


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