Is it important to increase the area under irrigation? Why?


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  1. In areas that have irregular precipitation, irrigation improves crop growth and quality . By allowing farmers to grow crops on a consistent schedule, irrigation also creates more reliable food supplies.
  2. Since not all Indian villages have such high levels of irrigation, it is crucial to expand the area irrigated.
  3. Our country's coastal regions, aside from the riverine plains, are highly irrigated. In contrast, plateau locations with minimal levels of irrigation include the Deccan plateau.
  4. Less than 40% of the country's total irrigated land i s still irrigated as of today. The remaining areas rely heavily on rainfall for cultivation.
  5. Therefore, if water were made available to farmers for irrigation on a bigger area of land, it would produce better results, make more land in India fertile, and inspire farmers to adopt modern farming techniques without being concerned about losing money.
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