How did the spread of electricity help farmers in Palampur?


Points to remember:

  • The main reason why farmers are able to grow three different crops in a year in Palampur is due to the well-developed system of irrigation.
  • By the mid-1970s the entire cultivated area of 200 hectares was irrigated.  

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tubewell - Teachoo.png

Answer to be written in exam

  1. The introduction of electricity benefited the farmers in Palampur by modernizing the village's irrigation system.
  2. Earlier the Persians wheels were used by farmers to draw water from the wells and irrigate small fields.
  3. Electric tube wells replaced Persian wheels as they could irrigate much larger areas of land more effectively.
  4. The first tube wells were installed by the government. Soon, however, farmers started setting up private tubewells . The entire area of 200 hectares was irrigated by the mid-1970s. 



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