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  • Activities such as small-scale manufacturing, dairy, transport , etc. are production activities that need various types of resources - natural resources, man-made items, human effort, money , etc.
  • Palampur is well-connected with neighboring villages and towns.
  • Raiganj is a big village, that is 3 km from Palampur.
  • An all-weather road connects the village to Raiganj and further on to the nearest small towns of Shahpur.
  • Many kinds of transports are visible on this road starting from b ullock carts, tongas, and bogeys (wooden carts drawn by buffalos) loaded with jaggery(gur) and other commodities to motor vehicles like motorcycles, jeeps, tractors, and trucks.
  • Most of the houses have electric connections.
  • Electricity powers all the tube wells in the fields and is used in various types of small businesses.
  • Palampur has two primary schools and one higher school.
  • There is a primary health center run by the government and one private dispensary where the sick are treated.
  • Palampur has a fairly well-developed system of roads, transport, electricity, irrigation, schools, and health center.


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