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  • Farming is the main production activity in the village.
  •  Over the years there have been many important changes in the way farming is practiced.
  • In raising production a great deal of pressure has been put on the land and other natural resources.
  • The new ways of farming need less land, but much more capital. The medium and large farmers can use their savings from production to arrange for capital during the next season.
  • On the other hand, small farmers who constitute about 80 percent of total farmers in India, find it difficult to obtain capital.
  •  Because of the small size of their plots, their production is not enough.
  • The lack of surplus means that they are unable to obtain capital from their savings, and have to borrow.
  • Besides the debt, many of the small farmers have to do additional work as farm laborers to feed themselves and their families.
  • The use of labor on farms is limited.
  •  The labor, looking for opportunities is thus migrating to neighboring villages, towns, and cities. Some labor has entered the non-farm sector in the village.
  • At present, the non-farm sector in the village is not very large.
  • Unlike farming, non-farm activities require little land.

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