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  • The aim of production is to produce the goods and services that we want.
  • There are four requirements for the production of goods and services.

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  • The first requirement is land, and other natural resources such as water, forests, and minerals.
  • The second requirement is labor i.e, people who will do the work.
  • Some production activities require highly educated workers to perform the necessary tasks. Other activities require workers who can do the manual work.
  • The third capital is physical capital i.e, the variety of inputs required at every stage during production.
  • Items that come under physical capital are:
    1. Tools, machines, and buildings can be used in production over many years, and are called fixed capital.
    2. Raw material and money in hand - it is called working capital.
  • The fourth requirement is knowledge and enterprise to put together land, labor, and physical capital and produce an output. It is called human capital.
  • Every production is organized by combining land, labor, physical capital, and human capital, known as production factors.
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