Ms. Sharma received an email from her bank asking her to update her personal and account details by clicking on a link. She followed the instructions and entered her information on the website that opened. Later, she found out that her bank account was hacked and some money was transferred to an unknown account. She realized that the email was actually a scam that tricked her into revealing her sensitive information. Help her in identifying the type of cyber crime (hacking, eavesdropping, phishing or fraud emails, ransomware, cyber trolls, or cyber bullying) and explaining its characteristics.

Thereafter, write the steps to prevent such cyber crimes from happening again by following some cyber safety measures.


Answer by student

The type of cyber crime that Ms. Sharma faced is phishing or fraud emails. This is a form of cyber attack that involves sending deceptive emails to lure the recipients into clicking on malicious links or attachments, or providing their personal or financial information. The attackers then use this information to access the victims’ accounts, steal their money or identity, or perform other malicious activities.

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