Differentiate between phishing and fraud emails. Give one example of each.


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Phishing is a type of cyber attack that involves sending fraudulent emails that appear to be from legitimate sources, such as banks, online services, or government agencies , in order to trick the recipients into revealing their personal or financial information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or bank account details.

Fraud emails are a type of cyber crime that involves sending deceptive emails that claim to offer some benefits, such as lottery winnings, inheritance, or business opportunities, in order to persuade the recipients to send money or personal information to the sender.

An example of phishing is an email that pretends to be from a popular social media platform, such as Facebook or Instagram, and asks the user to click on a link and verify their account details.

An example of fraud email is an email that claims to be from a foreign prince or a wealthy businessman, who needs the user’s help to transfer a large sum of money out of their country, and promises to reward them with a percentage of the money.

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