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"An identifier in Python can start with a digit, but not with an underscore."


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  • An identifier is a name given to a variable, function, class, module or any other object in Python.
  • An identifier can start with an underscore (_) or a letter, but not with a digit.
  • For example, _name, name, and name_1 are valid identifiers, but 1_name and name-1 are not.
  • An underscore at the beginning of an identifier has a special meaning in Python. It indicates that the identifier is private or protected and should not be accessed from outside the class or module.
  • For example, _name is a private variable and name is a special variable that holds the name of the module.
  • Therefore, the statement “An identifier in Python can start with a digit, but not with an underscore.” is false.

So, the correct answer is False.

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