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Compare the different ways in which the  Belgians and the Sri Lankans have dealt with the  problem of cultural diversity.


Points to Remember

  1. In Belgium , unity is achievable only through accommodating the interests of diverse ethnic communities.
  2. Sri Lanka provides a counter-example.
  3. It threatens the unity of a country through majoritarianism.

Answer to be written in exam

  1. Belgium's leaders have come to the realization that only by respecting the sentiments and interests of many communities and regions is national unity feasible.
  2. They followed a policy of accommodation which helped to avoid civil strife and division of the country on linguistic lines.
  3. Sri Lanka provides a counterexample . It demonstrated how the unity of the nation might be threatened if a majority society seeks to impose its domination over others and refuses to delegate authority. 
  4. They adopted a series of measures to establish Sinhala supremacy by passing an Act of 1956 . These measures alienated the Tamils leading to civil war between the two communities.   

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