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Jhumming: The 'slash and burn' agriculture is known as 'Milpa' in Mexico and Central America, 'Conuco' in Venezuela, 'Roca' in Brazil, 'Masole' in Central Africa, 'Ladang' in Indonesia, 'Ray' in Vietnam. In India, this primitive form of cultivation is called 'Bewar' or 'Dahiya' in Madhya Pradesh, 'Podu' or 'Penda' in Andhra Pradesh, 'Pama Dabi' or 'Koman' or 'Bringa' in Odisha, 'Kumari' in Western Ghats, 'Valre' or 'Waltre' in South-eastern Rajasthan, 'Khil' in the Himalayan belt, 'Kuruwa' in Jharkhand and 'Jhumming' in the North-eastern region.

Question (i)

 How is Primitive Subsistence Agriculture related with Jhumming?


So the correct answer is  (A): It is based on shifting cultivation

 Points to remember 

  • Jhumming is practiced in hilly areas of North Eastern States with primitive equipment and without the use of modern inpu t.
  • It only produces basic food grains for subsistence levels. 
  • It is also known as shifting cultivation or slash and burn agriculture .

Question (ii)

The 'slash and burn' agriculture is known as 'Conuco' in which one of the following countries?

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