• Nature worship has been an age old tribal belief based on the premise that all creations of nature have to be protected.
  • Such beliefs have preserved several virgin forests in pristine form called Sacred Groves (the forest of God and Goddesses),
  • These patches of forest and parts of large forests have been left untouched by the local people and any interference with them is banned.
  • Certain societies revere a particular tree which they have preserved from time immemorial.
  • The Mundas and the Santhal of Chota Nagpur region worship Mahua (Bassia latifolia) and kadamba (Anthocaphalus cadamba) trees.
  • Tribals of Odisha and Bihar worship tamarind (Tamarindus indica) and mango (Mangifera indica) trees during weddings. 
  • Peepal and Banyan trees are considered sacred to many of us.
  • Indian society comprises several cultures , each with its own sets of traditional methods of conserving nature and its creation.
  • S acred qualities are often ascribed to springs , mountain peaks , plants and animals .
  • Troops of Macaques and langurs are found around the temple. They are fed and treated as devotees of the temple .
  • In and around Bishnoi villages in Rajasthan , herds of blackbuck, (chinkara), nilgai and peacocks can be seen as an integral part of the community and nobody harms them.

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