What efforts or steps were taken by the government to protect forests and wildlife of the country?



Various steps and measures were taken by the government to protect forest and wildlife of the country

  • Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act
  • Banning hunting
  • Giving legal protection to habitats of endangered species
  • Restricting trade in wildlife.
  • Establishment of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries .
  • Several projects announced for protection of specific animals.

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Conservation preserves ecological diversity and our life support systems - water,air and soil. It also preserves the genetic diversity of plants and animals for better growth of species and breeding .

  • The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act was implemented in 1972, with various provisions for protecting habitats .
  • The thrust of the programme was towards protecting the remaining population of certain endangered species by banning hunting , giving legal protection to their habitats and restricting trade in wildlife.
  • National parks and wildlife sanctuaries were established by Central and many state governments.

Kaziranga National Park - Teachoo.png

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