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In India , much of its forest and wildlife resources are either owned or managed by the g overnment through the Forest Department or other government department s. These are classified under the following categories .

Reserved Forests

  • Out of total forests more than half have been declared reserved forests .
  • Reserved Forests are regarded as the most valuable.
  • As the conservation of forest and wildlife resources are concerned.
  • Jammu and Kashmir , Andhra Pradesh, Uttrakhand , Kerala , Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Maharashtra have large percentages of reserved forests of its total forest area.

Protected Forests

  • Almost one-third of the total forest area is protected forest.
  • This forest land is protected from any further depletion.
  • Bihar , Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh , Odisha and Rajasthan have a bulk of forests under protected forests.

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Unclassed Forest

  • These refer to forests and wastelands belonging to both government and private individuals and communities .
  • All North-eastern states and parts of Gujarat have a very high percentage of their forests as unclassed forests managed by local communities.
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