Chapter 4 Class 10 History - The Age of Industrialization

 “Series of changes affected the pattern of Industrialization in India by the early twentieth century.” Analyze the statement.


Points to remember:

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Answer to be written in Exam:

In the first decade of the 20th century a series of changes affected the pattern of Industrialisation:

  • Nationalists mobilized people to boycott foreign clothes as soon as the Swadeshi movement gathered momentum.
  • Industrial groups organize themselves to protect their collective interest.
  • Pressured the government to increase tariff protection and grant other concessions.
  • The export of Indian yarn to China declined.
  • Cotton-piece goods production in India doubled between 1900 and 1912.
  • The first world war created a dramatically new situation . With British mills busy with war production to meet the needs of the army, Manchester imports into India declined.
  • As the war prolonged, Indian factories were called upon to supply war needs.

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