Chapter 4 Class 10 History - The Age of Industrialization

What was ‘Proto-industrialisation’? Explain the importance of Proto-industrialisation.


Points to remember:

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Answer to be written in Exam:

  • Proto-industrialisation refers to the period when, factories didn’t begin to appear on the landscape of England and Europe, and large-scale industrial production for International Market was placed. 

  • That production was not based on factories but was Hand Manufactured by trained workers.

  • Effects on rural peasants and artisans:
  1.  Open fields were disappearing and commons were being enclosed. People started looking for alternative sources of Income.
  2.  Many people had tiny plots of land which could not provide work for all members of the household.
  3. Merchants came around and offered advances to produce goods for them, and peasants' households eagerly agreed. 
  4.   Income from Proto-Industrial Production supplemented their shrinking income from cultivation and allowed them a fuller use of their family labour resources.


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