Chapter 1 Class 10 History - Rise of Nationalism in Europe
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Describe the process of unification of Britain. 



Points to Remember

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The process of unification of Britain follows as

    1. Prior to the eighteenth century there was no British nation.
    2. The English nation grew in wealth, importance and power.
    3. Power taken from the monarchy by the English Parliament.
    4. United Kingdom of Great Britain
    5. Repression faced by Scottish people.
    6. Ireland was suppressed.
    7. Ireland was forcefully integrated into the United Kingdom.
    8. Symbols of new Britain promoted like Union Jack.

We use any 5 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

Before the eighteenth century there was no British nation. English, Welsh, Scot or Irish were the primary identities of the ethnic group inhabiting the British Isles.

  1. With the growth of wealth, importance and power the English nation was able to expand its influence over the other nations .
  2. England became a sovereign nation in 1688. The monarchy was overthrown by the English Parliament.
  3. The Acts of Union , passed by the English and Scottish Parliament in 1707 , led to the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain on 1 May of that year.
  4. Scotland’s distinctive culture and political institutions were suppressed with the British parliament being dominated by its English members .
  5. Ireland was forcefully integrated into the United Kingdom in 1801 , after a failed revolt led by Wolfe Tone and his United Irishmen.  

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