Chapter 1 Class 10 History - Rise of Nationalism in Europe
This question was asked in (Board Term-II, OD, Set-I, II, III, 2016)

“Napoleon had destroyed democracy in France, but in the administrative field, he had incorporated revolutionary principles in order to make the whole system more rational and efficient.” Analyse the statement with arguments.



Points to Remember

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In the administrative field Napoleon had incorporated many revolutionary principles which are

    1.   Napoleonic Code
    2. Simplified administrative divisions
    3. Abolition of Feudal system
    4. Freedom from serfdom and manorial dues
    5. Guild restrictions were r emoved
    6. New freedom for peasants , artisans and workers .
    7. Uniform laws

We use any 5 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam


Democracy was indeed destroyed by Napoleon but he also brought some changes in the administrative field to make the whole system efficient.

  1. T he Civil Code of 1804 also known as Napoleonic code was introduced through which all privileges based on birth were removed , everyone was given equal status in front of law and right to property was protected.
  2. In Dutch Republic, administrative laws were simplifie d, abolition of the feudal system and peasants were free from serfdom.
  3. Guild restrictions that were imposed were removed and the system of transport and communication was improved.
  4. New freedom was enjoyed by peasants, artisans, etc.
  5. Businessmen and small-scale producers realised that uniform laws standardised weights and measurements, and a common national currency would ease the movement and exchange of commodities and capitals from one region to another.
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