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Chapter 1 Class 10 History - Rise of Nationalism in Europe
This question was asked in (Board Term-II, Foreign Set-I, II, III, 2016) , (Board Term-II, Foreign Set-I, II, III, 2015)

“Nationalism no longer retained its idealistic liberal democratic sentiment by the last quarter of the nineteenth century in Europe.” Analyse the statement with examples. 


“The idealistic liberal-democratic sentiment of nationalism in the first half of the nineteenth century became a narrow creed with limited ends.“ Examine the statement. 



Points to Remember

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    1. Nationalist groups grew intolerant and ever ready for war.
    2. Aspirations of nationalist were manipulated and used for i mperialist aims by European powers .
    3. Balkan region source of tension.
    4. The Ottoman Empire controlled the region of Balkan .
    5. Idea of romantic nationalism and the fall of the Ottoman empire made the region very explosive in nature.
    6. Balkan states were jealous of each other.
    7. Balkan became a source of big power rivalry.
    8. First World War

Use any 5 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

The idealistic liberal-democratic sentiment of nationalism became a narrow creed with limited ends.

  1. During the period of the nineteenth century , various groups became intolerant of each other and were ever ready to go for a war.
  2. The region of Balkan controlled by the Ottoman Empire became a source of conflict and big power rivalry .
  3. Russia, Germany, England, Austro Hungary were interested in countering the hold of power of others and establish their own dominance over the region
  4. Series of wars took place eventually leading to the First World War.
  5. The idea of romantic nationalism in the Balkans , and the fall  of the Ottoman Empire , made this region extremely volatile.

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