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Chapter 1 Class 10 History - Rise of Nationalism in Europe
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How did Greek war of independence mobilise nationalist feelings among the educated elite across Europe? Explain. 



Points to Remember

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Greek war of independence mobilized nationalist feelings among the educated elite across Europe by

    1.   Greece had been part of the Ottoman Empire.
    2. Struggle for independence began in 1821.
    3. Nationalist received support from Greeks in exile and Western Europeans.
    4. Cradle of European civilization.
    5. Struggle against Muslim empire.
    6. Lord Byron helped in organizing funds.
    7. Treaty of Constantinople.

Use any 5 points and elaborate on them


Answer to be written in the exam

An event which led to rise of nationalist feeling among the educated elite across Europe was the Greek war of independence.

  1. Since the fifteenth century, Greece had been part of the Ottoman empire .
  2. The nationalist of Greece received support from other Greek people living in exile and western countries who had sympathies for Greek culture .
  3. Famous English poet Lord Byron helped in arranging funds and later joined the war of independence where he died in 1824.
  4. War was fought between great powers , which included Britain, Russia and France against the Ottoman Empire.
  5. Finally, the Treaty of Constantinople of 1832 came into power recognising Greece as an independent nation.

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