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As we discussed earlier,

When a particular organism gives rise to the next generation, two things can be noticed;

  • A common basic body design
  • Smaller and subtler changes in it

These variations are due to the presence of slight changes in the DNA which alters the genetic information carried from the parent to the offspring. 

  • Altered genetic information means different proteins are made.
  • This results in changes in body design of offspring.


If you notice the image above, there is accumulation of variation in each generation; 


Note - Even though the 4 individuals in Generation 3 belong to the same generation;

They show some unique differences which are their own and some differences which are inherited from their parents. 


  1. This passing of characteristics genetically from one generation to another is known as Heredity .
  2. Inheritance is the process by which characters are passed on from parent to progeny. The concept of heredity is based on inheritance. 
  3. Variation is the degree by which progeny (children) differ from their parents .
  4. Genetics is the subject that deals with the inheritance , as well as the variation of characters from parents to offspring.

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