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Explain how sexual reproduction gives rise to more viable variations than asexual reproduction. How does this affect the evolution of those organisms that reproduce sexually?



  • In asexual reproduction, there is no fusion of gametes , and only 1 parent is involved. So the only reason for variation is errors during DNA copying .
  • These variations are very minute and can only be seen over a long period of time since too much deviation can lead to unsurvivable alterations in the genetic makeup for the progeny.
  • Sexual reproduction gives rise to more viable variations than asexual reproduction because 2 gametes from different individuals combine to produce an organism. 
  • It involves 2 parents so the offspring (child) shows variation due to the presence of characteristics of both parents.
  • These variations help adapt to the environment in a better, more efficient manner , and result in evolution and formation of new species over time .

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