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Explain the importance of fossils in deciding evolutionary relationships.



  • Fossils are preserved remains of organisms that existed on Earth at some point in the past. 
  • When an organism dies , most of it decomposes and gets broken down into simpler forms .
  • But some parts do not decompose quickly, traces of such parts (fossils) help us to find evolutionary relations .
  • Thus, by studying the characteristics and age of the fossils , we can study evolutionary relationships .

For Example -  

    • Fossil records have been used to study the evolutionary relationship between birds and reptiles .
    • Some dinosaurs had feathers to provide insulation from cold weather , not for flight.
    • But after years of evolution, birds now have the ability to fly with the help of wings.
    • Archaeopteryx is the fossil form of an organism that was found as an evolutionary link between reptiles and birds.


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