An example of homologous organs is

  1. our arm and a dog’s foreleg.
  2. our teeth and an elephant’s tusks.
  3. potato and runners of grass.
  4. all of the above.



These organs have the same origin but serve different functions .

For Example - 

  1. The structure of our arm and a dog's foreleg is similar , but while our arm works to lift things , a dog’s foreleg is used to walk, stride and run .
  2. Human teeth are used to chew and grind food , elephant tusks are used for digging, resting their trunks and other such activities.
  3. Both potatoes and Runners of Grass represent the stem part of a plant but have different functions .

This means they have all evolved differently from a common ancestor

This is known as Homologous Organs or Divergent Evolution

So, the answer is, (d) all of the above

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