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  • Different plants have different types of flowers.
  • They may be of different shapes, size and colors.


Parts of a Flower:



  • Green, leaf like part in the outer circle of flower are known as Sepals
  • Function- Protect the flower when it is in the form of a bud.


  • Inside the sepals are the petals.
  • Petals are of different colors, shape and size.


  • Inside the petals, there are stalks with swollen tops
  • They are known as Stamen
  • Stamen is made up of 2 parts:



The stalk of stamen is known as Filament.


  • The swollen part of stamen is known as Anther
  • Stamen is the male reproductive part of flowers.


  • Innermost part of the flower is known as Pistil.
  • Pistil is made up of 3 parts-Stigma, Style and Ovary.


  • Top part of the pistil is known as Stigma


  • Middle part of the pistil is known as the Style.


  • Swollen part at the bottom of the pistil is known as Ovary
  • Ovary contains small bead like structures inside them these are known as Ovules
  • Pistil is the female reproductive part of flowers. 


  • The structures of all the flowers may not be the same
  • They have different numbers of petals, sepals, stamen and pistil. 
  • Some of these parts may even be absent.

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