Design an experiment to demonstrate hydrotropism.



Plant movements that take place along a particular direction are called Tropic movements. When the stimulus that causes the movement is water , it is called hydrotropism

Plants grow towards regions of water if there is a source of water nearby.

The following experiment demonstrates hydrotropism:

  1. Take two beakers and label them A and B
  2. In A, add moist soil and sow a seed
  3. In B, fill half with moist soil and half with dry soil. At the side of the moist soil place a water source also. Sow a seed.
  4. Let the plants grow.

HYDROTROPISM - Teachoo.jpg

You will notice that;

  • In beaker A , the root grows straight as there is moist soil equally around
  • In beaker B , the roots grow towards the side of the moist soil.

This experiment shows that plant roots have the tendency to grow towards a water sourc e.

This is hydrotropism .

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