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Ex 7.2, 7 - Find coordinates of A, where AB is diameter - Section Formula- Finding coordinates

  1. Chapter 7 Class 10 Coordinate Geometry
  2. Serial order wise
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Ex 7.2 , 7 Find the coordinates of a point A, where AB is the diameter of a circle whose centre is (2, – 3) and B is (1, 4). Let the circle be as shown with centre C (2, −3) Let AB be the diameter of the circle Since AB is the diameter, Centre C must be the mid−point of AB Let A(x, y) Since C is the mid−point of AB x−coordinate of C = (𝑥1 + 𝑥2)/2 y−coordinate of C = (𝑦1 + 𝑦2)/2 Where x1 = x , y1 = y x2 = 1 , y2 = 4 Hence the coordinates of A(x , y) = A(3, −10)

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