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Cultural Society, Sunshine Public School, Nellore organised an adult literacy camp in its  neighbourhood. Write a report in 120-150 words on the camp for your school newsletter. You are  P. V. Sunitha, Secretary. Use the following clues:  No. of volunteers—hours spent in teaching—location of the class—chairs, blackboards—no. of  people attending the camp—benefit.



Adult Literacy Camp

− By P V Sunitha, Secretary 

Pune, 10 June 2021 : 1️⃣An adult literacy camp was organised in the adjacent slum area of our school “ Sunshine Public School ”. It was a day-long event carried out by the Cultural Society of our school. 2️⃣In all, 25 volunteers had participated in the camp.

3️⃣There were 300 people who were a part of the camp. They were divided into ten groups of 30 persons each and free classes were given to them . 4️⃣They were taught the basics of being able to read and write. Free books and stationery were also provided to them. A cleanliness drive was also organised to teach them the importance of cleanliness . There was also a small talk on ethics , moral values, discipline and punctuality .

5️⃣ Refreshments were also provided to the participants. The immense enthusiasm and zeal to learn amongst this elderly was really heart-warming and heart-touching.




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