On your way to school, right in front of the school gate, you saw a verbal dispute leading to a physical  fight between an auto rickshaw driver and his passenger. A teacher of your school intervened,  found out the cause of the quarrel and amicably resolved the issue (problem). Write a report on  incident in 120-150 words. You are Balbir/Bimla.


Heroes In Our School

-By Bimla

Delhi, March 10, 2020: Our school is located adjacent to a busy road. Just a couple of days ago, 1️⃣a dispute took place between an auto rickshaw driver and his passenger . And, all too soon, the verbal dispute led to a physical fight between the two.

2️⃣ Ms. Seema, our Hindi Educator, intervened requesting both of them to stop the fight. 3️⃣She then asked both of them to narrate their story. She heard them out patiently . She then made both of them realise that each one of them were wrong and advised them not to indulge in petty altercations like this.

4️⃣She successfully resolved their dispute amicably by her patience and mature behaviour and prevented the escalation of fight any further which could have led to either of them getting injured.

5️⃣We should always be patient and be willing to see other's point of view . Fights and brawls are not the only way out.



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