A programme on ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ was organized in your school on Mahatma Gandhi’s  birthday. Posters were prepared and pasted in the colony near your school. A procession was taken  out. School premises and its surroundings were cleaned by the students. Public was advised to  make this mission successful. Write a report on the programme in 120-150 words. You are Srinivasan/  Latha.



Swachh Bharat Mission- School Initiative

-By Latha

Delhi, Oct 2, 2021: The streets of Delhi are pretty much dirty with wrappers and plastic thrown here and there. Keeping this in mind, 1️⃣our school “ Delhi public School ” organised a cleanliness drive under the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. It was a purpose- driven programme aimed at creating awareness amongst students regarding cleanliness . 2️⃣Students of classes 6-12 participated in the programme with great zeal and zest. Before any outdoor activities were performed, 3️⃣the Principal addressed all regarding the importance of sanitation. Posters were prepared by the school kids in relation to this and distributed and pasted in the nearby colonies along with an online camp . School premises were also cleaned by the students itself. Later during the day, a procession was carried out by the students of 11 and 12, where they tried to 4️⃣ increase awareness amongst the people with the guidance of a few teachers.  All the students seemed happy to participate in such an awareness- driven campaign and felt that they somehow contributed something to the society.



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