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In your locality a blood donation camp was organized by an NGO – ‘For Your Health’. Many people  visited the camp and donated blood. Write a report in 120-150 words for a local newspaper covering  the arrangements, doctors team, refreshment served, etc.



Blood Donation Camp


Guwahati, 10 July 2021 : 1️⃣A blood donation camp was organised by the NGO – “For Your Health” in my locality . 4 Doctors and 6 nurses were present throughout the day 2️⃣ taking care of donors and guiding them with dos and don’ts regarding the blood donation.

People seemed quite enthusiastic for such a noble cause. 3️⃣Firstly, the weight was checked and then he/she was laid on a bed with a soft ball in their hand . The process of extracting blood took close to half an hour . After this, they were 4️⃣given fruit and milk and were asked to rest for some time. Every doner was also given a certificate of appreciation by the NGO.

5️⃣I believe such camps should be organised on a regular basis to emphasise the need of creating awareness among the people about the importance of blood donation.




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