Your school is planning to organise a talk on the ‘Importance of Promoting Art Education’ at  various levels. You plan to invite The Director, Delhi School of Art, as a Key Note Speaker. As  CCA Coordinator of Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya. Draft an invite for the same giving all the necessary  details. (50 words)


Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya
8 March, 2022

The Director
Delhi School of Art

Subject : Invitation to be the Key Note speaker

Dear Sir,

1️⃣ Our school has planned to organise a talk show on the “Importance of Promoting Art Education” at various levels. 2️⃣ The event will be held in the school auditorium on 3️⃣ 18th March, 2022, from 12 noon to 2 pm. 4️⃣ We request your presence in our special programme and hope that you can enlighten us with your words.

I hope that you will accept our humble request. In anticipation of your confirmation.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(CCA Coordinator)  



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